Supervision of Doctoral Projects
  • Supervision of Doctoral Projects
    Supervision of Doctoral Projects
  • national legal orders, european law, public international law
    national legal orders, european law, public international law

Professor Dr. Diana zu Hohenlohe is adjunct lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (Germany). In this capacity, she is authorized to supervise doctoral projects. She provides for the supervision of doctoral projects on the public law of various national legal orders, on European law and on public international law, including their conceptual foundations, in German, English, French and Spanish.

The conferral of doctoral degrees will take place at the University of Frankfurt according to its doctoral regulations. These regulations can be downloaded here in German and English.

Interested persons are welcome to approach Professor zu Hohenlohe with their own concrete proposals for thesis topics. A list of potential topics relating to higher education law can be downloaded here.

Possible Topics of PhD Theses in the Field of Higher Education Law

  • The protection of freedom of science in national, European and international law
  • The protection of professors by their universities
  • The limitations of freedom of science
  • Mechanisms to counteract scientific misbehaviour
  • The relationship between universities and the State
  • The founding of universities
  • Universities and universities on applied sciences
  • Universities and external research organizations
  • The accrediting of university studies
  • The law on university organization in a comparative perspective
  • The position of theological faculties in state universities
  • The financing of universities
  • The legality of student fees
  • Legal problems of the external funding of universities
  • The status of university professors
  • The status of scientific staff in universities below the rank of a professor
  • The status of scientific managers in universities
  • The admissibility of religious activities in universities
  • The law on university exams

Doctoral Regulations

Here you can download the doctoral regulations of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University: